Today in the city Port Lions 18.11.2018

Iranian Port Project Poses a Dilemma for U.S.

A port being developed in the southern Iranian city of Chabahar underscores some of the dilemmas U.S. policy makers face in implementing sanctions against Tehran.

Seahawks Punter Michael Dickson Helps Seal Win vs. Lions on Fake Punt Scramble

Seahawks rookie punter Michael Dickson sealed Seattle's win over the Lions on Sunday when he gained a first down on a fake punt.

Taiwan’s Gay Pride Parade Draws Thousands, as Votes on Same-Sex Marriage Near

The march through Taiwan’s capital sought, in part, to press the government to deliver on its promise of marriage equality.

‘Until Porn Do Us Part’ Director: ‘I Knew It Would Not Be Easy’

When it comes to documentary, there are few subjects as thorny as pornography, and for his latest film, Portuguese director Jorge Pelicano has chosen something even thornier – the sometimes fraught re...

Dramatic battle between buffalo and pride of lions in Tanzania

A safari guide working in Tanzania captured the clip of a lifetime when he filmed a pride of lions attempting to take down a huge African buffalo. The dramatic , which was captured on the rim of the...

11 Israelis Take Part in UAE Judo Competition

Eleven Israeli players are taking part in a judo competition in the United Arab Emirates after the tournament was temporarily suspended last year over a ban on Israeli symbols during the medal-awardin...

Activists demand closure of Puerto Rico zoo after deaths

Animal rights activists demanded Friday that Puerto Rico permanently close its only zoo and relocate all animals to sanctuaries following reports of deaths and improper care.

We Found A Prada Shoe Worth Its Price Tag

Let's throw it back for a second: It was in 2015 that Dior released its Fusion sneaker. A first of its kind, the luxury sneaker dominated street style. Even Anna Dello Russo, who was basically born wi...

Tourists witness moment pride of lions battle to take down buffalo

Tourists in Kruger National Park witnessed an epic kill by a pride of lions. The clip filmed on October 16 shows the lions attacking a lonely buffalo and eventually bringing it down just a few metres...

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